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        Gift Aid

        If you pay UK tax, by making a Gift Aid Declaration we can reclaim the tax paid on your gift, worth an extra 25p for every £1 you give.

        Gift Aid & Higher Rate Tax

        If you are a higher rate taxpayer you can reclaim the tax paid on your gift through your Self Assessment form, worth as much as £23 to you for every £100 you give.

        Use the Gift Aid calculator to see the difference it makes…

        As an example, a gift of £1,000 would be worth £1,250 to St Edmund’s after we reclaimed Gift Aid, but you would be able to claim 40% tax relief on £1,250, reducing the net cost of your gift to £750.

        Looked at another way, the cost to a higher rate taxpayer of giving £5,000 to St Edmund’s is £3,000