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        Giving From The USA

        As a US resident your financial support for St Edmund’s can be tax deductible if you give through the British Schools and Universities Foundation.

        The BSUF is a 501(3)(c) charity approved by the US Internal Revenue Service and set up to support British schools and universities in a tax efficient way.

        Giving by Check

        To make a donation by check download a Donor Transmittal Form and send it with your check payable to the BSUF, expressing a preference for ‘St Edmund’s College’.

        Giving by Credit Card

        You can make one-time or regular donations by credit card using the Network for Good. Just follow the instructions on the website. Be sure you designate ‘St Edmund’s College’ as the ‘Approved Institution’


        Please consider making a bequest to St Edmund’s in your Will. Bequests are the backbone of all planned giving programs and give vital support to the College. You can to St Edmund’s College free of inheritance tax through BSUF.

        Other ways to give

        Why not consider setting up a Charitable Remainder Unitrust or an Individual Retirement Account through the BSUF to benefit St Edmund’s?

        You can find more information on the , or contact Mike Jenner OE, our US Edmundian representative resident in Washington –   , or email johnstiller418@hotmail.com

        St Edmund’s College is a full member of the British Schools and Universities Foundation, and as a result any American donor, whether resident or non-resident, will receive a full tax deduction.