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        College Registration Process

        We usually admit students at 11+, 13+ and 16+, to the College, although students can be admitted at other times if places are available.

        No matter what year you are applying for the following process applies:

        • A visit to the College either on a personal tour or one of our Open Days held in the Spring or September.
        • Completion of the online Registration Form and payment non-refundable £100 Registration Fee made.
        • Submission of scholarship forms if applicable.  These are all downloadable from the Scholarship and Bursary section of this site.
        • If you wish to apply for a Bursary contact the Admissions Office who will send you an application pack which should be completed and returned.
        • Interview with the Headmaster or Registrar.  We will ask you to bring a copy of your current school report and an original birth certificate or passport.
        • Entrance examination.
        • Offer of a place, if entry criteria have been met.
        • Acceptance of a place by writing and accompanied by the £750 acceptance fee.

        Our Admissions Officer, Miss Amy Howard, is on hand to discuss your application and can talk you through the process.  Please either call on  or email admissions@ 

        For International Students please email the International Registrar, Mrs Barbara Tucker international@ or call +44 1920 824331.