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        Prayer at the Prep

        Each day is punctuated by opportunities for children to pray.  For example, at the beginning and end of each day and before children go to lunch.  Prayer books are maintained in each classroom with children regularly being given the opportunity to write prayers for issues or people whom they care about.
        At the Prep we are blessed to have our own chapel which is always open to children and parents for quiet moments of prayer and reflection.

        Mass is celebrated each Thursday afternoon in our St Hugh’s Chapel located in the heart of the Prep school.  On Feast Days and special occasions, Mass is celebrated in the College Pugin Chapel. Parents are always welcome to our Masses but should advise the Prep Office of their intention to do so.


        The morning Offering

        My Lord, I offer You
        this day, all that I may do, or
        think, or say, & offer it for
        what was done on earth by
        Jesus Christ, Thy Son.
        Help me, O Lord, in my school
        work today.  I wish to be
        conscientious & do all carefully.
        Help me in this, O Lord, for I
        wish to serve You in success
        and in failure.  Amen.

        Saint Edmund, pray for us.

        Prayer Before Meals

        Bless us O Lord
        As we sit together.
        Bless the food we eat today.
        Bless the hands that made the food.
        Bless us O Lord.


        Evening Prayer

        God our Father I come to say
        Thank you for your love today.
        Thank you for my family
        And all the friends you give to me.
        Guide me in the dark of night
        And in the morning send light.