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        IB English Literature

        Head of Department: Mrs P Ager (Hons) (Middlesex), PGCE (Anglia)

        Course Outline

        The aims of the Language A: Literature programme at both Higher and Standard Levels are:

        • to encourage a personal appreciation of literature which is both rigorous in its depth and international in its breadth and  perspective
        • to develop an understanding of the techniques involved in literary criticism
        • to develop pupils’ powers of expression, both in oral and written communication, and provide the opportunity for practising and developing
        • the skills involved in writing and speaking in a variety of styles and situations
        • to introduce pupils to a range of literary works of different periods, genres, styles and contexts;
        • to broaden pupils’ perspectives through the study of works from other cultures and languages
        • to introduce the pupils to ways of approaching and studying literature, leading to the development of an understanding and appreciation of
        • the relationships between different works
        • to develop the ability to engage in close, detailed analysis of written text
        • to promote in the pupils an enjoyment of, and lifelong interest in, literature.
        Course description

        At Higher Level pupils must study 13 texts and at Standard Level, 11 texts.
        Some of the texts must be drawn from a list of World Literature texts, which thus expand the frame of reference far beyond that of the native culture; some works are studied as individual works of literature and some are studied as part of small groups of interrelated texts.


        Examination weighting of final grade 70%
        Paper 1 Literary commentary and analysis of one unseen text
        Paper 2 Essay on at least two works studied

        Written assignment

        Reflective statement and literary essay on one work studied
        Coursework weighting of final grade 30%
        20 minutes: Formal oral commentary and interview
        15 minutes: Individual oral presentation
        Note, the length of the papers and the orals will differ from HL to SL.