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        IB Language B

        IB Languages – Teachers in Charge

        Head of French – Ms L Nye BA (Sussex) PGCE (Reading)
        Head of German – Miss A Dunning BA (Bath)
        Head of Spanish – Mrs E Franco MA (Leon)
        Head of Italian – Miss S Rinaldi

        Course Outline

        Available Languages:
        French, Spanish, German and Italian – self taught language options available.

        The Language B courses at both Standard and Higher Level enable students to develop their knowledge of the target language, as well as increase their competence in the four language skills – receptive (listening and reading) and productive (speaking and writing). They also help to enhance awareness of the culture and civilisation of the relevant countries and/or language communities while broadening vocabulary, building an in-depth knowledge of grammatical structures and learning to express oneself in a range of spoken and written contexts.

        Cultural awareness is acquired through reading literary and non-literary texts, watching and discussing foreign language broadcasts and films and studying various social, political, historical, environmental and cultural aspects of the target
        language communities, as well as through regular work with the language assistants.

        Course Description

        Both the Standard Level and the Higher Level courses comprise three core themes:

        • Communication and media
        • Global issues
        • Social relationships

        and two optional themes from a choice of five:

        • Cultural diversity
        • Customs and traditions
        • Health
        • Leisure
        • Science and technology

        In addition to this, the Higher Level course requires the study of two literary works.


        Examination weighting of final grade: 70%
        Paper 1: Receptive skills (1 hour 30 minutes) 25%
        Standard Level – Text handling exercises on four written texts, based on the core.
        Higher Level – Text handling exercises on five written texts, based on the core.
        Paper 2: Written productive skills (1 hour 30 minutes) 25%

        Standard Level – One writing exercise of 250–400 words from a choice of five, based on the options.
        Higher Level – Two compulsory writing exercises:
        Section A: one task of 250–400 words, based on the options, to be selected from a choice of five.
        Section B: response of 150–250 words to a stimulus text, based on the core.

        Written assignment: Receptive and written productive skills: 20%
        Standard Level – Intertextual reading followed by a written exercise of 300–400 words plus a 100 word rationale, based on the core.
        Higher Level – Creative writing of 500–600 words plus a 150 word rationale, based on one of the literary texts studied.
        Coursework weighting of final grade: 30%
        10 minutes: Individual oral: 20%
        Based on the options: 15 minutes’ preparation time and a 10 minute presentation and discussion with the teacher.
        Interactive oral activity: 10%
        Based on the core: three classroom activities assessed by the teacher.