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        IB Mathematics Studies

        Head of Department: Mrs H Fraser BSc PGCE (East Anglia)

        IB Course Outline

        The IB Diploma Programme Mathematical Studies course, available in standard level only, is for students with varied backgrounds and abilities. The course is designed to build confidence and encourage an appreciation of mathematics in
        students who do not anticipate a need for mathematics in their future studies. Students taking this course, however, should be already equipped with fundamental skills and a rudimentary knowledge of basic processes.

        In addition, the course will enable students to:

        • develop logical, critical and creative thinking;
        • develop an understanding of the principles and nature of the subject
        • employ and refine their powers of abstraction and generalisation
        • develop patience and persistence in problem solving
        • appreciate the consequences arising from technological developments
        • transfer skills to alternative situations and to future developments
        • communicate clearly
        • enjoy the courses and develop an appreciation of the elegance, power and usefulness of the subjects
        • appreciate the multiplicity of cultural and historical perspectives of mathematics, including the international dimension of mathematics.
        Course Description
        • Introduction to the graphic display calculator
        • Number and algebra
        • Sets, logic and probability
        • Functions
        • Geometry and trigonometry
        • Statistics
        • Introductory differential calculus
        • Financial mathematics.

        Examination weighting of final grade 80%
        Paper 1: (1 hour 30 minutes) 40%
        Fifteen short response questions
        Paper 2: (1 hour 30 minutes) 40%
        Five extended response questions
        Coursework weighting of final grade 20%

        Practical work

        An individual piece of work involving the collection of information or the generation of measurements and the analysis and evaluation of the information or measurements.