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        IB Visual Arts

        Lead Teacher in charge of Art: Mrs S Applegate MA, PGCE, BA (Herts)

        Course Outline

        To enable students to:

        • investigate past, present and emerging forms of visual arts and engage in producing, appreciating and evaluating these
        • develop an understanding of visual arts from a local, national and international perspective
        • build confidence in responding visually and creatively to personal and cultural experiences
        • develop skills in, and sensitivity to, the creation of works that reflect active and individual involvement
        • take responsibility for the direction of their learning through the acquisition of effective working practices.
        Course Details

        In the first term, students participate in a series of studio-based workshops, where they gain experience in a variety of processes, techniques and materials. These cover mixed-media, printing, sculpture, textiles and painting.  At the end of the first term, students select a theme for their studio work and begin a contextual investigation relevant to their intentions. The investigation will include gallery visits, contextual research, analysis and critical evaluation of and practical responses to selected contextual sources. Students will go on to experiment with media and processes, through which they will refine their ideas for studio work. On completion of each piece, students evaluate their practical investigations and final outcomes, and plan further studio work.

        Throughout the course, students return to contextual research and experimentation, in preparation for each new piece of studio work, and document this process in an investigation workbook.


        On completion of the course, students prepare a selection of studio work for exhibition and record an interview with their teacher about their work.  Studio work is externally assessed online.  In addition, students present selected pages from their investigation workbook and complete a candidate record book containing an artist’s statement, copies of selected workbook pages and photographs of the exhibition of studio work.  This work is internally assessed by the teacher and externally moderated at the end of the course.